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RealChem is Australia’s one of the fastest growing premier supplier, wholesaler, importer and distributor of bulk and speciality chemicals, minerals, organic and inorganic raw materials and derivatives.

We leverages our scientific expertise, sustainable growths and in continual supply technology platforms to enhance the entire discovery, development & manufacturing value chain.

Our clients include companies discovering and manufacturing personal care products, water treatment, soap and detergents and industrial mining. These clients are seeking innovative and industrious quality chemical supplies and sourcing solutions to their manufacturing needs.

We have focused on the development of quality of chemical sourcing solutions for challenging chemical transformations to enable our clients to progress, develop and implement scalable business strategy.


RealChem provides a wide range of surfactants, flocculent, disinfectants, pool water balancer, emollients, solvents, fillers, algaecides, gases, compounds and specialized chemical additives and agents.

  • Disinfectants used in food industry, municipals, medical industry, paints, inks, cosmetics and cleaner manufacturing
  • Pool Water Balancer such as pH Adjusters, Alkalinity Increaser, Hardness Increaser, Chlorine Stabilizer
  • Surfactants used as detergents, wetting agents, emulsifiers, foaming agents, and dispersants
  • Flocculent used in purification of drinking water as well as in sewage treatment, storm-water treatment and treatment of industrial wastewater streams


We supplies a tailored range of industry grade chemical raw materials and ingredients with leading edge of quality product sourcing at competitive price backed by desired scheduled delivery. RealChem also offers customised packaging and repackaging as per requirements.

Apart from these, Our experienced sales team are able to provide professional technical expertise and product indenting support including providing certificates of analysis, GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets, Technical Specifications documentations.


By innovation-driven vision and passion, we are bringing values and competitive advantages in its products addressing ongoing challenges of business operations.




An entrepreneur and scion of one of the largest chemical group, Raviraj Chemicals.

Driven by passion and vision, overseeing the business development and expanding the horizons of his 25 years old chemical business in leading technology edge.

Vipul Desai


A self-motivator and proactive people person with outstanding management skills.

Leading the team of distribution network of RealChem across the country with strategic business practices and delivering the highest standard of customer services.

Why Choose Realchem

With a vision to provide quality chemicals to various industries, we source respective products from one of the finest manufacturers to make sure that the quality is as per required specifications.

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